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About the founder

I am a coach specialising in leadership and communication, equipped with 25 years of experience in both the corporate and third sectors across the UK and Australasia.


I possess a wealth of expertise in effectively communicating to diverse audiences, ranging from positive and exciting messages, to complex and challenging ones. I have engaged with numerous groups of different sizes, (from one to one, small groups, to regular gatherings of 200 to 500, and up to 10,000 participants) in a wide array of contexts, including team meetings, management presentations, stakeholder updates and conferences, spanning various cultures worldwide.


With 25 years of leadership experience under my belt, I have cultivated a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges of leading, along with the principles and evidence based practices to ensure growth. My leadership approach combines this extensive experience with a focus on assisting clients in areas such as team formation, leadership development, performance, culture change, change management and organisational renewal.

When I'm not working, you'll probably find me cycling, swimming or reading anything good.

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Our Approach

Recognising that people are much more than their job title or organisation, we take a holistic approach, using multiple tools and techniques, whilst drawing on our own experience, curiosity, and intuition.  


We build strong, collaborative, and effective relationships with our clients, creating an open space for unearthing their values, discussing their challenges, identifying their goals, and ensuring that a robust and realistic plan is put in place for achieving them.  


As no two people are the same, we tailor our approach to each person, actively establishing healthy relational dynamics and avoiding any disempowering ones.  We also always ensure that outcomes are regularly reviewed.


Believing that each one of our clients is more than capable of discovering and achieving their goals, we have no agenda other than theirs, and we are always in their corner.

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“Mike has a very supportive and collaborative style and during our time I always found he asked very challenging and insightful questions. He is very easy to engage with and I would highly recommend him as a coach.”

(Frank Kellet, Head of Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, AIB Bank)

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