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Communication Workshops

Learn how to communicate brilliantly

Great communication is an art and science. These workshops are designed to increase your team’s communication skills and maximise their influence with clients. Why not try one of our communication workshops? 1. Listening for Impact Why is it that your most influential colleagues are often the best listeners? Listening well lies at the heart of great communication. Yet, in our distracted and busy world, it is often undervalued and overlooked. This workshop explores why great listening is influential and offers practical exercises for deepening your listening skills and increasing your impact. 2. Successful Communication Great communication lies at the heart of an individual’s and organisation’s life. Yet, many people struggle to communicate effectively and achieve the results they desire with their colleagues and customers. This workshop has two parts. Part One unlocks the principles of compelling spoken word content and equips participants with simple, memorable, and powerful tools to quickly bring to life what they are seeking to communicate. Part Two focusses on personal impact, whether one to one or delivering a presentation. This includes practical exercises along with feedback addressing energy, communication style and physical presence.

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