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Leadership Workshops

Invest in your team

Leadership development programmes often limit their impact by focussing solely on the process of leadership e.g., by building a leader’s knowledge about their speciality, whilst neglecting their hearts and lives. Of course, leaders need to be capable and proficient, but leaders who go further and inspire and influence people to perform at their highest levels, are significantly more valuable to their organisations. Why not try one of our leadership workshops? 1. Behavioural Profiling and Training in association with C-me Colour Profiling: C-me is a powerful tool which enables individual team members to develop self-awareness around their strengths and the strengths of their fellow team members. It also shows team members how they can communicate more effectively, increase their own performance and the performance of their team. 2. Building Resilience This workshop explores what resilience is and why we need it. It explains the variables that make up resilience and the barriers that prevent us from building resilience. It also offers immediately usable ideas, practical tips and strategies that will significantly deepen your resilience. 3. Bring Your Leadership Alive: 7 Actions to Increase Your Influence Why is some people’s leadership floundering and others brimming with life? Leadership is influence. Influence is power. How that power is used comes from the intent of the leader and the motives of their heart. This workshop identifies seven actions that any leader can take to significantly enhance their leadership. It also identifies why you probably aren’t doing them yet and how to start.

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